Family owned and operated 

Welcome to our incredibly authentic Greek restaurant.  As a Chef of Greek heritage and more than 30 years of successful culinary experience, I incorporate only the finest ingredients and aromatic flavours.  My authentic Greek dishes are prepared using recipes passed through generations.  I blend those with my own creative instincts customized to please the palate of all walks of life. I incorporate fresh vegetables, quality meats and only the best herbs and spices available.  I use olives, lemons, garlic and pure extra virgin olive oil thereby creating mouth-watering masterful dishes. All of this is served in a home-like, comfortable atmosphere.  These dishes are sure to have you coming back time and time again.

Is it any wonder that Mediterranean Cuisine like
iGreek ranks the highest in the world in taste, quality and acceptance for all (including health conscious individuals)?

I invite you to experience
iGreek cuisine today. 

I guarantee that you’ll love it!

                                                                                                              Chef Peter

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